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Thoughts From My Inbox…Seller Inquiry

Thoughts From My Inbox…Seller Inquiry

So, I got an email from a homeowner looking to get his home on the market yesterday.  The email stated that I came highly recommended by an ex-neighbor as a Realtor that really goes the extra mile in all ways for my clients.  I love it when I get these phone calls and emails.  Real estate is a referral based business and I work hard to ensure my clients think well enough of my work that they do refer me to family and friends.  My elation quickly came to a halt when I read the entire email, however.  This homeowner recounted all the ways in which I worked for their ex-neighbor to get their house sold…the Just Listed postcards, the great photos on the internet, the Brokers Open with lunch, the public open houses, the great flyer with community info to entice buyers to want to know more, the prompt feedback after showings, the great negotiating tactics and the list went on and on.  Great!  He really got a good picture of what I am all about.  I sold his neighbor’s house in 2007, however, so now I have digital marketing to add to my repertoire that was not available to me then which really makes my marketing plan as comprehensive and technologically savvy as they come.  I know, I know, you are wondering what the problem is…..well….now we get to the crux of the email.  This homeowner informed me that although we are in a challenging market and that the last homes that have sold in his neighborhood have sold for less than his neighbor’s, he wants his home to sell for 20% higher than his neighbor’s sold for in 2007, he loves my aggressive marketing plan and feels it is a good fit for him AND he wants to pay a 3% total commission ONLY if he gets the full price for his home.  If he gets less he will pay a sliding scale dependant upon how much less it is.  Hmmmm….I think maybe I have misunderstood so I give him a call to introduce myself and get some more information.  Nope…no misunderstanding…so I have to ask the question….”What are you thinking, Mr. Seller?”  Whereas our local market is showing signs of modest and slow rebound, values are still at about 2004 prices.  Yes, homes are selling quickly IF they show well, are in good areas and are priced very competitively.  Homes that are overpriced sit on the market and eventually sell for less than they could have if they had been priced properly in the first place!  Because homes sit longer agents work longer and harder than ever to get them shown, under contract and to settlement.  When there are so many homeowners out there who “get it” and are happy to pay a good, successful Realtor their commission to get their homes sold, why would I even consider this proposal?  Well….I am not.  I thanked this homeowner for his interest but suggested that he is really looking for another agent and another marketing plan.  When I work with my clients I provide a full service marketing approach, have years of expertise that allows me to guide my clients through to settlement and am paid a fair, full service commission for my efforts when, and only when, the property does go to settlement.  I suggested that if he decided he really did want a full service marketing plan then he should call me back.  I would be more than happy to discuss how I successfully get homes sold.  So I ask again….”Mr. Seller….what are you thinking?”….just sayin…….


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Raised in New England I moved to eastern Pennsylvania in 1982. I have lived in Montgomery county with my husband and children since 1990. Having extensive experience in customer service in the construction and banking industries real estate was a good career move for me. I have been providing real estate services since 2001 in Montgomer, Chester and Delaware counties.

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