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Thoughts on a Better Life….The 2 Lists You Should Look at Every Morning

A decorator I have worked with in the past, Rhonda Bloskey of Designs by Rhonda, sent me an article this morning by Peter Bregman, Two Lists You Should Look at Every Morning and I can’t stop thinking about it.  Peter Bregman advises highly effective people on how to be even more effective.  This is fascinating to me as I am always trying to figure out how to be more effective while juggling my real estate career and a family life….especially when the two lives often meld into one and it’s my family/personal life that usually suffers.

After reading what the first list was all about I thought…well duh!  This is quite obvious.  It involves listing things that you enjoy doing, things that make you happy, things you want to achieve…in other words, focus on the road ahead.  My head is always so full of ideas of things to do in my business, around my house and places I would like to go with my family that I can rattle off a dozen or more things that I would put on that list.  The second list, not so much, but to someone like me who feels the need to grasp everything that comes her way in life, it is probably the more important list and one I need to pay attention to.  It is the one that will truly keep me focused on the important things in my business and personal lives and will  keep me from getting “distracted by dust”, as I am fond of saying and often find myself enveloped in.

So….what am I going to put on that list…the second list?  I think first and foremost I am not going to spend needless time and energy on people who don’t value me as a person or a professional.  That will certainly free up my time, strength and energy to spend on those who do value me and who I value in return.  Enjoying who I am working with and spending time with makes everything I do happier and so much more productive.

Secondly, I will walk around with my hands behind my back and not “touch” anything I do not want to own.  I once went to a time management seminar where the presenter proposed that “if you touch something, you own it”.   So, to effectively manage your time, you should not touch anything you do not want to wind up in your lap and on your to do list.  I thought that was good advice then, it is good advice now.  I will listen and empathize when someone comes to me with an issue but I will not touch any issue or task I do not want to see through from beginning to end.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate it or understand it, it is just that I choose not to accept it as mine.  It is yours and I know you are extremely capable of handling it.

Thirdly, I will forgive myself for not being “the best”…the best mother, wife, sister, housekeeper, marketer, presenter, gardener, cook etc.  I waste far too much time worrying about how I could have done things better.  Unless I was totally incompetent….which is another issue for another blog…I can only ask that I do the best job I can do at the time and then let go of the outcome.  I will concentrate on the here and now and not worry about yesterday for you never know when the “moment” will disappear.  It is all too easy to forget that those important to you are not immortal, and may be taken from you way too soon, so enjoy them now.

This was a good exercise in leading my life both on a professional and personal level.  I vow to slow down, smell the roses, spend more time with people who are important to me, focus on people who I value and in return I will attract more like-minded people who value me.  I will bring this list out every morning, for it is the more important list for a happy, well-balanced life.